Cindy Francies | Design & Code

My Journey to Design

I grew up in the Baltimore-Washington area, the daughter of a city boy and a country girl. Perhaps that’s why I’ve always felt connected to our unique blend of big cities and small towns. I enjoy seeing the connections between things that at first look, don't appear to be connected at all.

My journey to design has taken me from the hospitality world, to advertising, non-profits, and healthcare. No matter the field, I've become known as an advocate for users.

More than pushing pixels and wrangling code, 
I am an empathetic designer. Working in the high-pressure healthcare arena, I’ve developed a keen ability to spot pain points and help users navigate complex workflows. Working side-by-side with everyone from film clerks to department chiefs, 
I am their voice.

This interest in putting the user first has driven my interests in accessibility, responsive design, and talent development. Because for me, technology isn’t the end of the journey. It’s the beginning.

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